Some of the most valuable lessons we can teach our kids are ones about how to use money wisely. We’ve all gone through some hard lessons with money, maybe when you were young you spent all your Christmas cash on something you never used six months later. Or while in University you used a bit of those loans for a night out here and there, only to rationalize it as necessary to your very existence. These are the kinds of inevitable small mistakes that are a part of being human, but with the resources we’ve gathered for you below we hope that you can teach your kids to make those mistakes less often and also learn to think about money strategically, for the long-term.

Money Savvy Kids is a book we believe everyone should read. Written in an accessible style that can engage ages from elementary through high school, it is a valuable book about how to save, spend, and share money with ‘value’ – and adults may even learn something too!

We’ve compiled some fantastic online resources beneficial for both kids and parents! Browse the links below for help teaching your children about money and finance.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter Game – A game for young children that teaches them about Canadian money and teaches them to spend smart and save wisely.