Our firm offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Clients benefit from personalized, quality service that strives to go above and beyond. We have listed the services we offer to our clients, together with a brief description.

As the list below is by no means comprehensive, please feel free to inquire about a service if you do not see it listed.

Cash Flow & Budget Analysis

Both personally and corporately, sometimes you can find yourself at a loss as to how to handle shortfalls in cash flow. We will assist you in forecasting and evaluating your financial situation. If you have temporary cash flow difficulties, we will assist you in building and maintaining an organized strategy to make sure your cash flow returns to a healthy state. If we feel other professionals will be required to assist you after we have completed our analysis, we will recommend several different choices for you to explore so you may continue mending the situation and working towards financial health. We value caring service and will stay by your side throughout the entire journey.

Employee Benefits Plans Analysis

We will analyze any employee benefit plan you may have with your employer or your spouse’s employer to ensure you understand and are able to take full advantage of all available benefits. When required, we will assist you in setting up Health Spending Accounts or Cost Plus Plans for your corporation.
If needed, we can advise on added traditional benefit plans as well. With these benefits incorporated into your comprehensive financial plan you will have a greater knowledge of your financial health, and a greater freedom to live well.

Transition Coaching

Transition periods can be overwhelming to navigate. Our expertise in organizing and interpreting severance packages will assist you in moving forward into the next step of your career with the most effective benefits available to you. Our investment colleagues can help you make informed choices concerning the most effective place for those funds to be. We will be your first point of reference when interpreting your severance plan.

Personal/Corporate Financial Planning

A complete financial plan incorporating both personal and corporate income will assist you in understanding your unique situation.We will build a financial plan that incorporates ALL aspects of your financial world. Then, we will model different options with variances in rate of return, as well as focus on favourable tax treatment of your income streams and investment returns.
Our financial expertise combined with your conscious effort to examin your complete financial plan will increase the probability of financial stability now, during retirement, and for your estate. Financial planning is not a cookie cutter set of formulas, contrary to how banks have marketed people’s financial needs. Our goal is to create a custom plan that reflects the individual needs of our clients. When financial goals are well defined they are much easier to achieve and sustain throughout your lifetime.

Personal/Corporate Debt Analysis

Personal debt in Canada stands at a record high. It is not unusual for individuals to experience temporary financial difficulties. We will help you recover your financial health by developing strategies for orderly retirement of debt. We will outline options, and explain what is involved to change the situation. Our job is to educate and advise you on your journey to financial health. If you have serious financial difficulties, we are here to help and recommend other professionals that are better equipped to handle these situations.

Investment Guidance

We are devoted to maintaining a strong relationship allowing you to always feel comfortable posing ANY questions concerning your financial situation. Clarity for our clients is a top priority. We review your portfolio and ensure that our knowledge is communicated to you so that you are enabled to ask informed questions. We will speak your language when it comes to understanding your investments and insurance advisor’s recommendations.
The various parts of your plan will be coordinated in your personal and corporate accounts. We will ensure the preservation and transition of these assets is carried out in the most tax efficient manner possible.  The result will be a maximizing of your net assets. The tax treatment of these investments affects the spending power you receive now, and in the future. Education of these processes is our priority as this knowledge ensures success. As your investment strategy progresses, we will act as your sounding board when you require our expertise.
Just ask!

Retirement Cashflow Planning

Our lives are filled with options. Unexpected changes often influence our ability to make sense of them. To assist you with these choices, we evaluate your current cash flow needs with a complete financial plan. We continue to review and assess positive and negative financial events as your particular circumstances develop into retirement and ultimately estate settlement.
Our role is to design a plan based on your unique lifestyle needs and goals. We take great care to understand what is important to you and your family. A complete financial plan must be created and monitored at least once a year for optimal retirement planning. We work closely with you to complete a plan comprised of your personal and, where applicable, corporate assets. The initial plan is only a snapshot of a period in time.  This plan must be reviewed and kept up-to-date. Your financial plan is a living document adapting with you as you progress. It can be difficult to reconcile a sound financial plan on your own. We are here to assist in stretching every hard-earned dollar so you can concentrate on living well and enjoying the present.

Planning Sustainable Retirement

When you reach retirement, you realize there are new sets of rules to follow and many adjustments required to ensure your financial health. We work with you to ensure the preservation and growth of your assets is monitored and the distribution is efficient in order to minimize tax, wherever possible.
If you require further assistance from a family member/trustee to assist in your financial affairs later in life, we will be aware of the time when this change may be necessary; and, as always, we will assist in educating you and protecting your affairs throughout the process. We are here to show you how to be at peace and ensure that you have enough.

Estate Maintenance & Awareness

Estate settlement planning incorporates your preferences into your financial plan. We cultivate a strategy that achieves your goals regarding the settlement of your estate both personally and corporately. We ensure an orderly transfer of your assets to beneficiaries and provide security to your family. Your financial assets will be placed advantageously when transfers occur, resulting in minimal tax to your estate. Our planning team maintains continued review of your financial affairs throughout your lifetime. We also coordinate the full process, including any planning that involves your accountant, lawyer, and other advisors, such as your investment and insurance advisor. We are also capable of the preparation of legal documents involved in the process.Our careful attention to the branches of your unique estate guarantees an efficient handling of your estate when required.

Business Succession Planning

An effective transition of your business over to your successors is critical for its continued prosperity.
Our initial conversations regarding this process will focus on clearly defining your goals for your business. In this way, we will ensure strong communication and smooth transitions. Continuous review of all financial aspects of your succession plan results in full agreement of all parties leading to a successful legacy. It is common for succession plan conversations to start and continue for quite some time with no final result
recorded legally guaranteeing their execution. Our role is to guide you through the entire process to ensure results are obtained in a timely manner.